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Lovers on the Bridge

Mmy idea of a lazy Sunday afternoon apparently is walking to the TIFF Bell Lightbox while being chased by a homeless person with a cane for three blocks along Queen St East. When I got to the theatre in a sweat, I never realized seeing Les Amants du Pont-Neuf would be such a weird case of synchronicity. However I don’t think the homeless guy hobbling after me along Queen St was in love with me. But I would not blame him. I mean, look at me.

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Mauvais Sang (1986)

Ii had the pleasure of seeing two of Leos Carax‘s films Saturday night but before I even mention them I need to complain. Am I the only person who finds the seats at the TIFF Bell Lightbox something that could have been used by the Spanish Inquisition? I know I am fat, but those seats are ungodly uncomfortable with no leg room. They show some of the best films but it feels almost like sitting on an airplane. Thankfully their projection is second to none and they even go to the effort of projecting actual film in honour of preservation.

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