This is a particular gem from the fine folks at Wisecrack and 8-Bit Philosophy on the subject of money. It feels especially apropos after I recently had a few  debates with misguided folks on Twitter regarding mass consumerism and the moral blight of Disney’s Force Friday.

While German philosopher Georg Simmel is certainly correct that the invention of money was a liberating act over the narrow codependency of the barter system, I don’t think he could imagine the profit margins of modern Capitalism nor the virtual money held in places like the Cayman Islands.

While the video is titled “Does Money Own You?” the problem does not lie in money itself. It is merely a transaction medium. The problem lies in profit. Profit being the foundation of Capitalism, and profit is the outcome of exploitation. Simmel believed that money in a socialist system was money in its purest form.

To simplify if time is money in a socialist system then my time is given the same value as your time. In our modern capitalist system it’s likely the person reading this has their time undervalued in comparison to some scumbag like Donald Trump.

For Socialism is concerned primarily with transforming to an extreme degree every action of social importance into an objective function.

As long as 8-Bit Philosophy continues to make these great videos I will continue to pass them on. What do you think?