Iit was the first time to the gym in weeks after I have been continuously gaining weight. I intend to go again today. Start getting those “X”s on the calendar. I think people who go to the gym and just watch the news have some sort of brain damage. I am usually listening to music and reading a novel or screenplay. The last thing I want to realize is that I am exercising.

After a few recommendations from female friends I finally checked out the latest Netflix show Orange is the New Black and have been watching it the past few nights. It was inevitable. I have watched every Netflix original show so far with the exception of Lilyhammer and I was already a fan of Jenji Kohan after watching Weeds for years. Really enjoying it so far and is a bit of a palate cleanser compared to other shows I have been watching lately. Lots of humour and full of character, it is not a show laced with tension that ends every episode with a cliffhanger. For a show about a women’s prison it is ironically pleasant viewing. Kate Mulgrew‘s Red is probably my favourite character along with her friend who for some reason to me looks like a female William Shatner. You should watch it. I insist.

Lately I have been remembering my dreams more clearly than usual. Last night’s had several parts. Some more interesting/weird than others. I was in “the future” at a computer repair shop but the shop was like going to a Steampunk car mechanic. At least I don’t remember computers needing hydraulic lifts, motor oil, tesla coils, and some luminescent blue fluid for coolant. Then I was going swimming but I had to go into some Area 51 type bunker to get to the pool. After taking elevators and a ridiculous number of staircases I reach the swimming pool which looks normal other than being hundreds of feet deep. The bottom felt like an optical illusion. Something that could not be reached. I don’t remember actually getting into the pool. At some point I developed some ridiculous hulk strength and I was accidentally breaking everything like trying to take a drink only to have it explode as my hand-made a fist. Just strange. The highlightis when I witnessed a young women searching my bag and running off with a tin of tea. That bitch stole my tea! What followed was some ridiculous parkour chase through some multi-tiered mall. She gives up running when we get outside but still refuses to return my tea. Then there was a negotiation where I allowed her some of the tea while I got most of it back. I couldn’t make this stuff up, even if technically I did.

I started working out my schedule for the coming weeks/months and you’d think I actually had a lot to do. For the next few days I’ll be going to the Leos Carax Retrospective at the Lightbox theatre (which I covered for paperthawalls.com). I am hoping to write up my own retrospective of his work over the coming days as though while a fan of Leos Carax I have only been able to see Holy Motors and Tokyo! in the past. I feel like a may have seen Lovers on the Bridge years ago late at night on television but if I did it feels like a hazy forgotten dream. The first film I will be seeing is Boy Meets Girl this evening.

I really want Peter Capaldi to say “That bitch stole my tea!” when he takes over the role of Doctor Who.

Today’s Music: Sixtine Saltines by Jack White