Now that the official trailer has been released I felt I would express some of my thoughts on the continuation of the franchise.

To be frank the trailer does little for me. That’s neither a positive or negative. I just think trailers are built to lie to an audience with money shots just to get their butts in a theater.

The biggest hurdle for me with Star Wars in general is overcoming so called “Head Canon”. With 19 years separating Return of the Jedi and Attack of the Clones my brain had filled in the mystery and simply did not like the new revelations. I thought the storm troopers were human and not some manufactured clones of Jango Fett. In a way it made stormtroopers less evil (as free will isn’t a factor) thus making a death star blow up far more tragic and less celebratory. My “head canon” also preferred the idea that during the clone wars Jedi were cloned instead.

This applies to The Force Awakens also as my “Head Canon” feels it is lot easier to accept a bunch of xenophobic racist white guys in stormtrooper outfits than Maz Kanata being with the Empire. To me it is like seeing a black guy in the KKK. I just hope the writing and world-building will help me get past it. After all Lawrence Kasdan did write Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Empire Strikes Back.

I have a right to be cynical. I saw Episode I five times on opening day, and the way Disney has been mass producing Marvel movies as products (with product placement) rather than meaningful stories to live by I have every right to think they have ill intents for the Star Wars Universe.

Disney is the Dark Side.

That being said I bought my ticket as fast as I was humanly able. I will be seeing it Friday afternoon on December 18th in IMAX 3D. I may be a cynical bastard but Lawrence Kasdan’s involvement gives me new hope. (insert rimshot)