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Average Joe "Pow!"

Ii certainly do not consider myself the first writer to do this. Heck, I think it was Quentin Tarantino’s soundtracks that turned me on to the idea of making a personal soundtrack before I start a screenplay. As I take a break from my Jake Mulligan sequel script (The title is either Jake Mulligan & The Laws of Murphy or Jake Mulligan & the Fourth Wall at this point), I have been working on a single cam sitcom pilot which I have had on my mind for years. More than that though I decided to go back and rework Average Joe. I won’t give the premise to the screenplay until it is more “complete” but when I originally pitched it to agents and studios it was very well received but I always felt something was missing.

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Trailer – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

My memory of the source material that Ben Stiller’s film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is based upon is not the best. I believe I read James Thurber‘s short story a few years back around the time I was reading John Cheever‘s The Swimmer. The sense I got from Thurber’s short story was not very optimistic. While it was humorous that Walter Mitty has these heroic daydreams, in the story they remain just that: daydreams. If I remember right he is married, seemingly unhappy and not in control of his life and by story’s end he is imagining himself before a firing squad while in reality he is smoking against a wall resigned to life he is living.

Trailer after the jump.

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Holy Motors (2012)

Aafter much consternation, I finally decided to shave. It was an epic feat removing a prepubescent looking beard from my face, but I must say I now feel much cleaner. It was like a catch-22. Have a clean beard that is itchy and feels like a brillopad or let the natural oils do their work while making you feel like a greasy dirtbag with a soft beard.

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Lovers on the Bridge

Mmy idea of a lazy Sunday afternoon apparently is walking to the TIFF Bell Lightbox while being chased by a homeless person with a cane for three blocks along Queen St East. When I got to the theatre in a sweat, I never realized seeing Les Amants du Pont-Neuf would be such a weird case of synchronicity. However I don’t think the homeless guy hobbling after me along Queen St was in love with me. But I would not blame him. I mean, look at me.

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Mauvais Sang (1986)

Ii had the pleasure of seeing two of Leos Carax‘s films Saturday night but before I even mention them I need to complain. Am I the only person who finds the seats at the TIFF Bell Lightbox something that could have been used by the Spanish Inquisition? I know I am fat, but those seats are ungodly uncomfortable with no leg room. They show some of the best films but it feels almost like sitting on an airplane. Thankfully their projection is second to none and they even go to the effort of projecting actual film in honour of preservation.

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